Section A: General Guidelines

The Journal welcomes manuscripts from scholars within the Humanities and Social Sciences. Manuscripts should not have been submitted elsewhere for consideration, and should not have been previously published in whole or part.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically soft copy to the editor following the guidelines and deadlines in Section B: Specific Guidelines, below. Manuscripts that do not meet the laid-down criteria shall be returned and will not be accepted if re-submitted beyond the deadline.

All manuscripts must be submitted with a duly completed Author Submission Form.

Joint authorship of manuscripts is acceptable, to a maximum of three authors. Authors’ names should be indicated in the preferred order of appearance on the Author Submission Form.  It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that those whose names appear on the form have contributed to the work.

Manuscripts shall undergo blind peer review. Self-referentials and any other identifying features should not be included in the manuscript.  

Following acceptance, authors are reminded that it is courteous to acknowledge colleagues and/or students who provide valuable assistance in the process of gathering information and/or preparing the manuscript.

Initially, the Journal shall be published annually, within six months of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Conference. Submissions from Conference participants will be prioritized; however, submissions from non-conference participants are welcome.

The decision of the Editorial Board is final. 

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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is the second oldest Faculty in CUEA, following Theology. It has nurtured departments that have grown and developed into mature faculties, such as commerce, education and law. 

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