Dr. Alice Wanjira Kiai

Dr. Alice Wanjira Kiai is a lecturer in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Catholic aliceUniversity of Eastern Africa. She is a holder of a Bachelor of Education degree in linguistics and literature from the University of Nairobi, a Master of Arts degree in linguistics from the same university and a PhD in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics from Warwick University, UK. Her thesis is titled Biography of an English Language Textbook in Kenya: A journey from conceptualization to the classroom. Available from http://wrap.warwick.ac.uk/49465/

Dr. Kiai teaches undergraduate students enrolled for a Bachelor of Education degree, who are pursuing English as a teaching subject. She also teaches post-graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics.

Dr. Kiai has previously served on the editorial board of the Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (also a journal of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa), and has peer-reviewed articles for other journals as well. She has authored and co-authored several articles in the area of English language materials development, and published English language teaching and learning materials for schools.

Publication links:

Kiai, A.W. (2013) Am I a robot? Teachers on Teachers’ Guides. Argentinian Journal of Applied Linguistics [AJAL]. 1(2), pp. 23-46. http://www.faapi.org.ar/ajal/issues/102/Kiai.html

Kiai, A.W. & Maroko, G.M. (2013). Textbook selection experiences among secondary school teachers in Kenya. International Journal of Education and Research. [IJERN] 1(12), pp. 123-138.http://www.ijern.com/journal/December-2013/12.pdf

Kiai, A.W. (2013). “This cook is very important”: Editors speak on textbook development. In Amutabi, M.N. (Ed.). Studies in Culture, gender and education in Africa. Nairobi: Research, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, pp.373-396.

Smith, R., Gray, J., Freeman, D., Kiai, A., Tanaka, M. and Banegas, D. (2013). 'ELT coursebooks: Past, present and possible? 'In Pattison, T. (Ed.), IATEFL 2012 Glasgow Conference Selections. Canterbury, Kent: IATEFL. Available from https://secure.iatefl.org/onl/shop.php

Her published secondary school textbooks and other reading materials available from http://www.eastafricanpublishers.com/ and http://www.longhornpublishers.com/

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